Monday, 29 August 2011

Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent by Dawn McClure
Fallen Angels #4

Vampire mercenary Gabriel McPherson must protect small town girl Christine Fitzpatrick against the very thing she loves the most: her family.  

When Christine learns her brother Mike is a vampire, her peaceful world quickly turns violent. Especially when she meets Gabriel, a vampire who’s currently assigned to track down and kill certain members of her family. While Christine struggles to keep Gabriel from killing her family, Gabriel turns the tables on her and reveals her deepest and most shameful secret to the very people she has kept it hidden from. Christine is half-demon.  

No longer burdened by her secret, and unable to keep her girl-next-door persona, Christine must fight beside Gabriel to save her remaining family members while battling the fear and doubt of misplaced loyalty. In the process, Christine realizes that not all love is eternal, though eternal love can heal the deepest betrayals.  As the impending battle among the ravaged family draws near, Christine’s feelings for Gabriel grow deeper than the fiery pits of Hell. Ironically for her love, Gabriel becomes damned to those very pits, eternally bound by a pact made with Lucifer to save Christine’s soul.

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  1. This was really a great read. I so loved Chris's smartass comments! She was such a laugh. And Lucifer aka Luc is a great guy. Don't let the name get to you!