Saturday, 21 January 2012

Author Interview - Tish Thawer

Hello everybody! I want to welcome a brand-new author by the name of Tish Thawer! She is the author of the Rose Trilogy. I read her first book, Scent of a White Rose and I discovered a new world with great characters and a great story line. Today, Tish Thawer's Blog Tour will have a stop here were I will give you the author's interview and a book review. At the end of the interview, you will find the Smoking Roses graphic that you need to click for the Treasure Hunt.

The Interview with Tish Thawer

1) Can you tell us something about yourself?
Well gosh...I'm 40 years old, married and have 3 wonderful children. I've only developed a love of reading within the last 10 years of my life. I'm a Shelfari and Goodreads Librarian. And, I'm love all things magical and paranormal.

2) Who is the author that inspired you to begin writing?
Gena Showalter. Mainly because she was the first author that I was familiar with that crossed genres from adult PNR to YA, and did it my opinion.

3) What drew you to this particular genre?
I've always loved the supernatural. Whether it be superhero cartoons or the study of metaphysics, so since it's the main genre that I read it, it was only natural that it be the genre that I write.

4) What did you do when you encountered the "author block" while writing your books?
Watched music videos. I have to write in the complete quiet, but when it comes time to shake things up and loosen up those stuck ideas - I rock out!!! :)

5) What inspired you to begin writing?
I actually started writing a book about the connection I have the Goddess Aradia, and it turned into something magical. From there, I started dreaming ideas and seeing inspiration everywhere I went and started carrying a notebook around with me so that I could jot down all the ideas that I was being flooded with.

6) To you have plans for writing another series or stand alones?
Absolutely. The book about Aradia is actually the first of my second trilogy, the Ovialell Trilogy. I also have Roses & Thorns coming out in March, which is the short-story of when Rose and Christian dated before her mother was killed. And next year, I will have a epic fantasy series, Towers of the Mist, that will consist of five short novellas coming out. So yes...lots of new stories.

7) Tell us some of your hobbies.
I love to watch TV and movies with my family. I'm addicted to The Vampire Diaries and my guilty pleasure is The Bachelor. I also love to do landscape photography and dance.

8) From where did the idea of "drifiting" come from?
LOL - from my indecisiveness!  When I was writing Christian, I couldn't decide whether to make him dark or light haired, and then I decided that he could be both. Once I thought about it, I loved the idea and could easily imagine seeing something like that on screen and so it became the building block for my "new" vampires.

9) Who guided you on your way of becoming a full-fledged author?
I have quite a few author friends who I could thank, (which I've done on the acknowledgements page of my book), but most prominently, Caris Roane. She had wonderful advice and was extremely supportive of me from the start.

10) What was the first story/poem you ever wrote? What was it about?
A love poem of course. :) As a matter of it is:

My Dream

As I sit and think of you,
it's no wonder why I'm so blue.

Longing to feel your tender touch,
I don't think you know that I love you so much.

My mind may wonder for a minute or two,
but with one blink it's right back to you.

While you're away my day's feel like years,
as I sit here and cry my tears.

Wishing to hold you so close and so near,
in my heart you'll always be here.

Someday I hope that my dream will come true,
this is the day I'm forever with you.

11) What do you find challenging about writing?
I think the technical aspect can be challenging. I tend to write how I talk, and that obviously leads to grammatical errors. So, thinking about the tense of things and the need to "show" and not "tell", is harder than it sounds, especially when you are writing in first person perspective. (At least it is for me!)

12) Do you have some pieces of advice for people who want to become authors?
Go for it! Get your story down and then find a great editor! I repeat...find a GREAT editor!

13) Did you have certain models by which you created the characters in your book?
Absolutely not. I started Rose's story from her perspective and then everyone else just jumped in when they needed to and away we went! 

Don't forget the rose for the Treasure Hunt!


  1. Flavia, Thank you for hosting a stop on my tour! ♥

  2. You'tr welcome, Tish! I am very happy to host it!

  3. I really enjoyed this first effort from Tish Thawer and am looking forward to the next in the series. It was a little too dark for young teens, however, but that's what made it more interesting for me.